East Brighton Trust Seed Fund at The Bevy

In 2019 we launched the East Brighton Trust Seed Fund at The Bevy. This came in the form of a £2000 grant which The Bevy then distributed to groups according to local need.

East Brighton Trust directors launched this fund to address the fact that some community groups in their very early stages aren’t yet eligible to apply for one of our small grants. Local people might recognise a need in the area, wish to try out a club or event to address this but lack the funds to do so.

The Seed Fund offered a great opportunity to build on our close working relationship with The Bevy and make the most of their familiarity with the East Brighton community and the support they can offer to local initiatives.

Seed Fund year 1

During the inaugural year, the fund was awarded to a number of groups across the East Brighton area:

  • The Bevy Art & Crafts Group,
  • Bridge the Gap 50+ Social Lunch,
  • Moulsecoomb Flamenco and Spanish Group,
  • Culture Clash
  • Moulsecoomb School chickens
  • Summer holiday activities at The Bevy

It’s been great to hear of the impact of these grants. The arts and crafts group have since become a constituted group and The Bevy is working with Culture Clash to host more events at the pub and around the East Brighton area. The organiser of the Flamenco and Spanish group told us of the benefits to participants including improved flexibility, strength, stamina, co-ordination, stress relief, community cohesion and general enjoyment as well as having helped some physical conditions.