Become a mentor

We are working with local organisations Class Divide, Crew Club, The Bevy & Wired Sussex to  help find mentors for year 7 pupils at Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA). 

  • Mentors help raise student aspirations, attainment, self-confidence and contribute to
    overall academic performance.
  • Mentors provide personal development skills and strategies that increase interpersonal
    communications skills and emotional intelligence that support academic and pupil
  • Mentors target those factors that contribute directly to poor life outcomes, such as school
    exclusion, poor educational attainment and underdeveloped communication skills.


A mentor works with a small group of pupils to provide advice, and support; sharing their own experiences of work or how they have overcome challenges. Building trust, a common ground, and empathy with the student along the way.

There will be regular short half-termly sessions, supported by initial training and BACA's staff team. The aim is to enable conversations that support and empower young people to reach their personal or academic goals and overcome challenges. 

This mentoring pilot aims to give Year 7 pupils a bedrock of experience and advice to take with them throughout their school lives.

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