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  1. Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (12) 1024

    During this year’s Brighton Festival, a range of creative writing by children from East Brighton was on display as part of the Little Green Pig Young Writers takeover - a weekend of free activities celebrating the creativity, imagination and hopes of local children and young people through workshops, performances and writing activities.

    EBT funding supported children aged 7 to 11 from across Little Green Pig’s after school clubs to write poetic and powerful messages to the planet. These could be viewed by the public over the weekend of 21st and 22nd May at the Riwaq, an outdoor structure specially designed for this year’s festival by architects Marwa Al-Sabouni & Ghassan Jansiz.

    Little Green Pig is a creative writing charity which works with children and young people who face challenging circumstances; supporting them with creative writing initiatives that build confidence, literacy, and provide a platform to be heard.

    The charity has a long history of working with families in East Brighton. They first became a part of our East Brighton Trust community in 2017 when we awarded them a small grant to deliver a nature-writing based project named “Garden Words” that took place at Moulsecoomb Forest Garden. During the workshops, Year 4 pupils from Moulsecoomb Primary School had a chance to explore their environment and create original poetry inspired by the outdoors. The aim was to encourage teamwork, free expression and creativity whilst helping to improve the children’s confidence and self-esteem. As Little Green Pig told us afterwards “Being in the garden encouraged participants to pause and absorb their environment, and to think about creative writing as a response to sensory experiences. The children were encouraged by our volunteers to develop their interest in it without the pressures that they may face in the classroom if writing is normally a challenge for them”.

    Following the success of this project, work has continued in the area and now a new generation of Little Green Pig after school writers is emerging in East Brighton.

    This year we were delighted to support the organisation again with their special creative writing project “Letters to the Earth: Planet Power”. This involved 30 participants from two of their East Brighton after school writing clubs, aged 7 to 11 from Years 3 to 6. Local schools represented included Moulsecoomb Primary, City Academy, St John the Baptist, Middle Street, St Marks CofE plus home-educated children.

    The grant from East Brighton Trust covered the costs of delivering workshops to help children create ‘Letters to the Earth’ – their own poetic and powerful messages to the planet. During the workshops the participants were also encouraged to bring their writing to life with visual artwork and illustrations. The letters have been beautifully printed and illustrated by the children onto banners  thanks to the artists at East Side Print and the finished pieces will now be exhibited in community venues and local spaces, starting with this year’s Brighton Festival.

    The contributions from East Brighton children are joining Letters to the Earth written across the globe, from indigenous community activists to famous artists, giving the public the chance to read what these young writers from Whitehawk and Moulsecoomb have to say about the climate and nature emergency.

    As Little Green Pig summarised so beautifully in their application to us “These are letters written about their fears, hopes, frustrations and love for the earth and the dangers of climate change. It will allow them to feel part of something bigger and know they can make a difference via their own writing, imagination and literacy skills. It will be an opportunity for them to learn about the power their writing and words can have, giving them a voice, and increasing their confidence, communication skills and hope for the future.”

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (1)1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (11) 1024


    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (3) 1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (4) 1024Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (6) 1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (7) 1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (8) 1024

  2. In March 2022, parts of our neighbourhood were turned into a Window Wanderland - an open-air art gallery created by local people.

    The Whitehawk Arts Collective and Manor Gym worked with local people to create hundreds of pieces of art. They hosted workshops at various locations across the area where people could learn how to make their own stained glass design out of tissue paper.

    These are now on display at three locations across Manor Farm and Whitehawk:

    • The Manor Gym (best viewed from the path to the South of the Gym and at the gym entrance)
    • Bristol Estate Community Room (search BELTA Brighton on google maps)
    • Whitehawk Library (best viewed from inside the library during the day)

    The team at East Brighton Trust was thrilled to sponsor this project and we loved seeing it come to life with a walk around the area for the launch weekend starting Friday 18th March. Read more about it here →

    The works of art will remain in place for the next few months so if you didn’t manage to catch them this weekend you still have a chance.

    Well done to everybody who took part and special thanks to Sarah Griffiths of the Whitehawk Arts Collective for making this fantastic project happen. 

    Watch this space for details of the next East Brighton Window Wanderland! 

  3. Chomp Moulsecoomb is a lunch club in Brighton for families feeling the financial pressure in the school holidays.

    During the pandemic, local families asked for a recipe book that would help them cook healthy meals on a budget, so Chomp Moulsecoomb partnered with East Brighton Trust and other local organisations to make one.

    Here at East Brighton Trust we are thrilled to have sponsored this book and we thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Chomp Moulsecoomb to see it through to publication. 

    Please below to enjoy the recipes and share them with your friends, family, colleagues and everyone you know.

    Chomp Moulsecoomb recipe book →

    Email us at [email protected] with pictures of what you've cooked or tag @ChompMoulsecoomb on facebook or instagram

    Chomp Moulsecoomb Recipe Book (2) 1024

  4. unnamed

    This August, the very first clothes swap was hosted by Our Slow Salon at St. Cuthman’s Church in Whitehawk.

    The event was designed to help local families to swap the clothes they no longer wore, with community volunteers on hand to help with alterations if required. Our Slow Salon also put on cookery workshops throughout the day plus free food including a popcorn machine!

    The aim was to use food, fashion and creativity to bring people together to promote a sustainable and zero-waste ethos.

    East Brighton Trust funded the event through our small grants scheme with an award of £500.

    Organiser Charlotte Hastings told us “St. Cuthman’s is a bright, welcoming space, where we could have creative tables for kids and parents, repair and updating and making tables for the clothes brought in and of course make lots of delicious food to keep us going!”

    People attending the event had some really nice things to say too:

    • “Had a really wonderful time today, swapped quite a few tops and ate some lovely food”
    • “Thank you for organising this event, it’s much needed and very helpful to people who don’t have much money. The food was amazing and I got my jeans fixed and some new clothes.”
    • “Great way to meet new people and great to swap clothes we grew out of for new things to fit into.”
    • “Fabulous event! Huge success, great atmosphere, delicious food. Warm community atmosphere enjoyed by all.”

    Charlotte wrote to thank us for the donation, saying “Our Slow Salon - ‘creating a mend, make and share community’ - has been lifted into action in Whitehawk by East Brighton Trust - now we can’t wait to put on more events bringing the community together for a creative, active, sustainable future.”

    We can’t wait either and hope to see this fantastic initiative evolve and grow to reach more families across Whitehawk.

    Slow Salon (1) Slow Salon (3)

  5. We're thrilled to announce that in our Summer 2021 round, all eligible small grants were awarded. The groups that have received funding from us are: 

    • 1st Brighton Brownies
    • 1st Brighton Guides
    • Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
    • Brighton and Hove Speak Out
    • Brighton Peace and Environment Centre
    • City Gate Community Projects (Fareshare Project)
    • East Brighton Food Co-operative
    • Flock Theatre Makers
    • Fresh Start Community Association
    • Friday Friends Community Group
    • Friends of Maggie's Corner
    • Kemp Town Gardening and Community Group
    • Kidz Klub Brighton & Hove (registered charity since 2008)
    • Making Our Mark!
    • Manor Boccia Group
    • mASCot
    • Moulsecoomb Skatepark Group
    • Our Slow Salon
    • Pelican Parcels
    • Resource Centre
    • SEDS Sussex Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility support group
    • Spark
    • Sunflower Group
    • The Manor Gym CIC
    • The View FC
    • Whitehawk Football Club
    • Whitehawk United FC

    Please note: our partners at Sussex Community Foundation are still awaiting information from some of the above groups to enable the funds to be transferred. They have done their best to contact the groups but have not been able to reach everyone. If you are on the above list and have not received your funds yet please contact Peter Jones at Sussex Community Foundation on 01273 409440. 

  6. Since the spring East Brighton Trust has responded through our grant giving to a range of recent emergency situations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Over the past few months we have awarded a significant amount of grants totalling over £60,000, directing funds where they were most needed and benefiting thousands of people across East Brighton. The communities that we support have found new ways to come together and support each other - responding to emergency need in the first instance whilst swiftly developing new ways of working throughout the pandemic and into the future.

    East Brighton Trust is pleased to have been able to respond quickly with grants where financial help was most needed.

    Here is an overview of where our funds have gone over the past few months.

    Small grants

    We ran our Autumn small grants round as planned and were able to support the following local projects to deliver work and activities in the East Brighton area: The ABC Fund, Badgers Tennis Club, BELTA, Bevendean Community Garden, East Brighton Food Cooperative, The Flamenco & Spanish Group, Good News Brighton, Moulsecoomb Community Market, RAW Youth Club, Salaam Football Club, St Georges Hall, Whitehawk Community Food Project, The World Food Project and the On your way job club.

    Though we have cancelled our January 2021 round due to our funds being awarded early as and when they were most needed, we hopeto be in a position to recommence our small grant funding later next year.

    Emergency food provision

    Many people in the areas we work in were already facing hardship, and the lockdown only increased the pressure on families who were already struggling to make ends meet. As the need for emergency food and provisions went through the roof, established food projects ramped up their outreach and new initiatives were created to fulfil newly identified requirements.

    The food projects we supported with grants during the lockdown are:

    • Sussex Homeless Support - to set up a food bank and get food to homeless people in and from the East Brighton area.
    • The Bevy – to support their Bevy Meals on Wheels service to isolated older people who would normally have attended their weekly lunch clubs.
    • East Brighton Food Co-op - to distribute food to local people in Whitehawk, Bristol Estate and Manor Farm via two community kitchens that have been set up specially for this purpose.
    • Craven Vale Food bank - to purchase food helping them to supply almost 100 households with provisions.
    • Bevendean Food bank - to help them address the increase in demand they had experienced since the beginning of the pandemic and help them supply food to 50 families. We also gave them some funding to spend on craft supplies to keep families entertained over the holidays.
    • Brighton food factory – to source surplus food from the catering trade and redirect it to local food projects.
    • BELTA (Bristol Estate Leaseholders and Tenants Association) – to supply equipment to help their volunteers coordinate the emergency food provision on the Bristol Estate.
    • St Cuthman's Church - to provide a takeaway service for young people on the Whitehawk estate who would regularly attend their weekly Youth Café.
    • Very local food hub - to help them set up and begin providing low-cost food parcels of fresh produce to residents of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, enabling people to cook nourishing meals for their families.


    "We would like to say a MASSIVE thank you!! for your contribution and support with funding, allowing us to upgrade our tech support. We have a new laptop and will soon have two mobile phones to use for the ongoing work with BELTA and the Bristol Estate and East Brighton communities. The laptop is a great addition and allows us to work remotely and not have to access the office (Community Hub) so often." Stefan at BELTA

    "The money has enabled us to share not only food, but a true sense of goodwill between those who are in need and those who enjoy packing and delivering it - we truly believe that the food bank is pulling the whole community closer together.” Alan Cook, Secretary of the Craven Vale Community Association

    Covid grants


    Community support & projects

    To help with other community and family needs, our funding went to:

    • Brighton Women’s Centre - to buy devices to help them cope with a surge in demand for their services during the lockdown whilst also having to swiftly adapt the way these services were being delivered. Some funding also went towards keeping their freephone helpline free.
    • Fernee Forest Club - to help them teach their sessions online and to send out education packs to local families.
    • St Andrew's Church – to enable them to purchase equipment so they could livestream church activities online.

    "The money we received will have a great impact on our helpline service, allowing us to reach more women who are feeling isolated through the pandemic. The service is already having a great impact, providing these women with emotional support, and directing them to services that can support them with food, recovery and financial advice. Thank you for supporting us when it was most needed." Brighton Women’s Centre Volunteer Services Coordinator Madison Hartwright

    We sponsored local community resource Gladrags to deliver two projects during the pandemic:

    1. A Covid stories blog in which people were invited to submit their experiences of how they spent lockdown. The stories have now been made into a teaching resource for local schools and community groups to reflect on their own experiences of the pandemic and those of others’.
    2. A community bunting project where crafters across the city made flags, which were sewn together by volunteers into lengths of bunting which will be loaned out for free for community events and activities.

    You can read more about both Gladrags projects here.

    Community bunting

    Primary school funding

    And last but not least, as well as issuing the next instalment of our enrichment grants to the local primary schools (which you can read more about here) we also topped up their funding at the beginning of the pandemic.

    • Moulsecoomb Primary needed to buy tablets to help pupils with onsite and remote learning. This came in particularly useful in enabling young people to access the online Oak Academy in which almost 10,000 free lessons are available for pupils of all ages.
    • St Mark’s Primary used the EBT top up funding to provide school meals, transport and cooking equipment to families who urgently needed it, with the remainder of the funds going towards resources such as stationery packs for those learning from home. At the end of the school year we also helped give the year 6 leavers a decent send off, sponsoring the pupils  to plant an oak tree and create a mosaic which will leave a lasting legacy at St Mark’s as they transition to secondary school. 

    St Marks transition

    East Brighton Trust funding 2021

    We're glad to have been able to support our community during this unprecedented situation. Due to our funds being assigned when they were most needed, East Brighton Trust has decided to cancel our January small grants round in 2021.

    We hopeto be in a position to recommence grant funding later next year and remain committed to supporting the communities of East Brighton as everyone recovers from the pandemic and its economic effects and starts to look towards the future.

  7. This summer, East Brighton Trust sponsored local charity Gladrags to create a teaching resource to help children talk about their own experiences of the pandemic and those of others.

    The resource is now available to download on the Gladrags website here →

    Gladrags covid

    Gladrags is a charity providing costumes and educational resources to community groups and schools. The team asked people to share their individual accounts of lockdown, reflecting on how Covid-19 changed things for them and remarking on how they have adapted. Many residents of East Brighton submitted their experiences to be included in the booklet.

    As well as sponsoring the Covid Stories resource, East Brighton Trust also sponsored Gladrags to run a community bunting project. They teamed up with local organisation Sew Fabulous and invited individuals to make flags from scraps of fabric which were made into bunting to be hired for community celebrations post lockdown. An event was held at The Bevy community pub where volunteers sewed up the bunting pieces and you can see a video of their impressive work over on instagram. And while you’re there you can read about the “Virtual” Royal visit. Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall popped in to The Bevy via zoom and spoke to Gladrags founder Vania along with some of The Bevy lunch clubbers who talked to HRH about some of their vintage outfits.

    The Bevy HRH The Duchess of Cornwall visit (60) 1024

  8. After 3 years of delivering our Enrichment funding to local primary schools, East Brighton Trust directors agreed unanimously last year to extend the grants for another 3 years.

    This fund was launched in 2017 when government cuts to school budgets meant that the schools had to cut almost all extra-curricular activities. East Brighton Trust stepped in and we now give each school a grant of £10,000 a year to pay for activities that enrich pupils’ educational experiences and their lives. 

    St Mark’s Primary in Manor Hill have used previous years’ funding to improve the outside spaces at the school. They have added an outdoor gym featuring miniature gym equipment and also created a secret garden library. Through the guaranteed EBT funding, the school has repeatedly been able to source match funding from other grant giving organisations, meaning even more can be achieved. The school will use their next instalment to focus on literacy, with plans in place for some wonderful new initiatives to be rolled out across the school in the post Covid-19 world. This will include early reading provision, whole class guided reading and what’s known as a Recovery Curriculum. This is a way for schools to help children get back into school life, acknowledging the experiences they have had during the pandemic. A library of quality texts will enable discussion with pupils and staff about the experiences they have been living through and will help them reflect on the past.

    “As part of our recovery curriculum provision we need to ensure that children, who may not have had the same home learning opportunities as other pupils, are able to rapidly catch up and close the gaps in their learning. We envisage doing this by expanding opportunities for children to access online personalised learning programmes which we have trialled when school was closed.” Headteacher Jane Fendley

    St Marks enrichment Dec 2020

    At Moulsecoomb Primary School the enrichment funding for previous years has gone towards school trips and after school activities. Each class was assigned a portion of the grant which went towards residential visits as well as dozens of day trips including Herstmonceux Observatory, Brighton Synagogue, Seven Sisters Country Park, Hastings, The Natural History Museum, the i360, Brighton seafront and Brighton police cells.

    In light of Covid-19 restrictions affecting visits and trips for the foreseeable future, the school decided to direct this year’s funds towards literacy, improving their outdoor spaces, developing home learning resources and also on a Recovery Curriculum focussed on wellbeing.

    These activities will include the purchase of resources to re-engage children immediately with the reading curriculum. Shelters will be built in the school grounds, including a covered area in the Fairy-tale Forest and comprehensive home learning packs will provide children with an uninterrupted curriculum in the event of further disruption or lockdown.

    “Thank you all once again for supporting the school, I hope you are able to see the impact that the funding has on our children; it really does make a significant difference to what we can do.” Headteacher Adam Sutton

    enrichment fund Dec 2020

  9. Earlier this year, East Brighton Trust directors decided to expand the reach of our funding to Lower Bevendean, meaning our grants schemes are now open to all eligible groups in Bevendean. We were able to help out immediately in the area due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and issued an emergency grant to the Bevendean Food Bank to support the increase in demand and to support them in switching from a drop-in to a delivery-only food service.

    Another fantastic organisation in the area is the Fernee Forest Club which offers children experiences in nature by using the Forest School approach. Teaching sessions had to move online due to the lockdown, and we issued emergency funding to enable the teacher to buy a laptop to facilitate this. Some of the grant also went towards “Forest Club post” - education packs which were delivered to local families, bringing the forest school to them whilst they couldn’t attend in person. The packs contained seeds, plants and compost, a craft challenge and a butterfly spotting challenge for forest club members to participate in. A lovely idea to keep members engaged and to bring a smile to their faces.

    Here are some images of the Forest Club Post:

    Forest Club Post 2020 (1) ls

    Forest Club Post 2020 (2) ls

    Forest Club Post 2020 (3) ls

    Forest Club Post 2020 (4) ls

  10. On Wednesday 2nd September, Chomp Moulsecoomb hosted a pop-up event for low-income families living locally. Participants were invited to enjoy a carousel of fun and engaging, family-focused activities in the grounds of Moulsecoomb Primary School. Many of the families in the area have been facing significant challenges, made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The pop up event provided a welcome respite - everyone left with big smiles and happy memories, having spent the day learning and playing together.

    The activities were hosted by partners from across the city and included table tennis, crafts, chicken handling, forest school experiences, bike riding and storytelling. Many of the partners were groups that East Brighton Trust has supported over the years, and which have received emergency funding from our Colin Sayers fund during the pandemic.

    At the end of the sessions each family received a wholesome 2-course meal from The Bevy Meals on Wheels, a locally sourced fruit & vegetable box from the Very Local Food Hub and a treat from an ice cream van which came into the school grounds.

    This was a great opportunity for families to spend some time together in the outdoors before the schools went back, taking part in activities they might not normally have access to.

    Here is some more information on the groups involved:

    • Chomp Moulsecoomb hosted the event, this is the local branch of the Chomp lunch clubs which take place across the city and is run by Good News Brighton. These lunch clubs are for children and their families in school holidays to support those in receipt of free school meals. The sessions usually include a hot meal and time for craft activities and games. Parents are encouraged to stay with their children to eat together, and during games have time to speak with other parents to get to know each other and provide mutual support. Chomp Moulsecoomb as well as the other local chomps in Whitehawk & Bevendean have been beneficiaries of our small grants scheme over the years and most recently received £2,000 in our January round.
    • Brighton Table Tennis Club is based at Moulsecoomb Primary School as well as in other locations around the city. The club provides coaching, runs practice sessions and puts on competitions for members, many of whom come from our city’s most marginalised communities. During the pandemic they provided an emergency food distribution service too.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (14) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (161)

    • Bevendean Community Garden and the Fernee Forest Club provide opportunities for people to have experiences in nature, through working on a community garden and by using the Forest School approach. During the lockdown, we issued emergency funding to help the forest club to teach their sessions online and to send out education packs to local families. At the event in Moulsecoomb, project leader Sara taught everyone how to make natural leaf prints and to use natural dyes to colour fabrics.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (155) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (69)

    • School Bike It officer Lucy of Sustrans was there to give families practice on bicycles. Lucy and her colleagues work in schools across the city teaching cycling skills and safety.    

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (29) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (31)

    • Mark, well known across the east of Brighton as “the chicken man” introduced people to four chickens that they could meet and hold. The chickens reside at the school and Mark often brings them along to community events to make friends with local people. Spending time with animals can be really beneficial in terms of stress reduction, lowering depression and loneliness. He was funded through our seed fund last year to support him in bringing the chickens to more community events.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (37) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (110-1)

    • Gladrags Community Costume Charity had a collection of their costumes onsite, with an experienced play worker helping families to use their imaginations and create their own adventures and stories. We are proud to have sponsored two Gladrags projects during the pandemic:
    1. A Covid stories blog in which people were invited to submit their experiences of how they spent lockdown. The stories are now being made into a teaching resource for local schools and community groups to reflect on others’ experiences.
    2. A community bunting project where crafters across the city made flags, which were sewn together by volunteers into lengths of bunting which will be loaned out for free for community events and activities.

    You can read more about both Gladrags projects here.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (119) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (48)

    • The Moulsecoomb and Bevendean Arts and Crafts project began at The Bevy and received seed funding from East Brighton Trust in 2019 to support them before they had formally constituted. Before the pandemic, the group hosted arts and crafts activities every fortnight at the pub, inviting teachers along to pass on new skills to local people.  In September last year the group successfully applied for a small grant from East Brighton Trust to pay the teachers for their time. At the Chomp event, crafter Kat showed families how to design and make a stained glass type design from tissue paper.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (145) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (97)

    • The Very Local Food Hub was launched during the pandemic to support residents of Moulsecoomb and Bevendean in sourcing healthy food, so that they can cook nourishing meals for their families. The hub provides low-cost food parcels of fresh produce and was set up with emergency grants from East Brighton Trust and Sussex Community Foundation. They work in partnership with the Brighton Food Factory, another recipient of East Brighton Trust emergency funding this summer.

    The food hub offers 3 different price options depending on what people can afford:

    1. standard,
    2. subsidised or
    3. act of kindness price which means paying a bit extra so that other boxes can be subsidised

    They are now running stalls every Wednesday in Moulsecoomb and Bevendean, bringing fresh, healthy food to people who might not otherwise be able to access it.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (56) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (55) 

    • Within a week of The Bevy closing for the lockdown, the team had set up Bevy Meals on Wheels – to cook and deliver hot meals to the regular attendees of their lunch clubs for seniors, most of whom were aged over 70 and shielding. Through contacts with the local schools and churches the service expanded to include local families and the scheme was funded through grants and donations for those who couldn’t afford to pay for the meals themselves. Since reopening in 2014 East Brighton Trust has supported the pub through a number of our grants schemes and we were happy to support their Bevy Meals on Wheels service too through our emergency grants fund.

                  Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (95) Chomp Moulsecoomb Family Funday Sept 2020 (166)

    Well done to the Chomp team John and Sean, above right, for putting on such a vibrant event.