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  1. mASCot East Brighton Girls' Group

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    mASCot is a parent-led peer-to-peer support network for families who have a child or young person with an Autism Spectrum Condition. mASCot delivers a range of activities for parent/carers and children, including through a group set up in East Brighton in 2020.

    Autism is a life-long developmental condition that, amongst other issues, affects social interaction, sensory processing and emotional regulation. The mASCot East Brighton Girls' Group is a place where autistic primary-school aged girls can meet with others to socialise, make friends and have fun in an autism-friendly environment. They do all sorts of activities, from arts and crafts to slime-making and Lego. Each week there is one main craft activity, after which the girls are encouraged to do some physical and / or interactive play to let off some steam and, importantly, get to know each other.

    In 2021 the group applied to us for funding to purchase some play equipment and games to help the girls play together. The funds went towards:

    1)      an indoor mini-trampoline

    2)      A play-parachute (good for building cooperation and social interaction)

    3)      a set of sports-day type equipment (e.g. sack race bags)

    4)      an indoor pop up football set

    5)      two inflatable exercise / play balls (good for sensory regulation too) and an electric pump

    6)      a set of board games (e.g. Kerplunk, Buckaroo, Guess Who?)

    7)      a small gazebo for summer park meets

    8)      three end of term guest facilitators (Bubble Man, Live-Love-Hula, Music Mike)

    In May, EBT were invited along to meet the group. We enjoyed talking to the girls and their parents/ carers and seeing them getting stuck into their craft activity.

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    mASCot girls group Brighton (2) 1 1024

    mASCot girls group Brighton (1) 1 1024

    mASCot girls group Brighton (7) 1024

    mASCot girls group Brighton (5) 1024

  2. Little Green Pig’s Young Writers takeover

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    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (12) 1024

    During this year’s Brighton Festival, a range of creative writing by children from East Brighton was on display as part of the Little Green Pig Young Writers takeover - a weekend of free activities celebrating the creativity, imagination and hopes of local children and young people through workshops, performances and writing activities.

    EBT funding supported children aged 7 to 11 from across Little Green Pig’s after school clubs to write poetic and powerful messages to the planet. These could be viewed by the public over the weekend of 21st and 22nd May at the Riwaq, an outdoor structure specially designed for this year’s festival by architects Marwa Al-Sabouni & Ghassan Jansiz.

    Little Green Pig is a creative writing charity which works with children and young people who face challenging circumstances; supporting them with creative writing initiatives that build confidence, literacy, and provide a platform to be heard.

    The charity has a long history of working with families in East Brighton. They first became a part of our East Brighton Trust community in 2017 when we awarded them a small grant to deliver a nature-writing based project named “Garden Words” that took place at Moulsecoomb Forest Garden. During the workshops, Year 4 pupils from Moulsecoomb Primary School had a chance to explore their environment and create original poetry inspired by the outdoors. The aim was to encourage teamwork, free expression and creativity whilst helping to improve the children’s confidence and self-esteem. As Little Green Pig told us afterwards “Being in the garden encouraged participants to pause and absorb their environment, and to think about creative writing as a response to sensory experiences. The children were encouraged by our volunteers to develop their interest in it without the pressures that they may face in the classroom if writing is normally a challenge for them”.

    Following the success of this project, work has continued in the area and now a new generation of Little Green Pig after school writers is emerging in East Brighton.

    This year we were delighted to support the organisation again with their special creative writing project “Letters to the Earth: Planet Power”. This involved 30 participants from two of their East Brighton after school writing clubs, aged 7 to 11 from Years 3 to 6. Local schools represented included Moulsecoomb Primary, City Academy, St John the Baptist, Middle Street, St Marks CofE plus home-educated children.

    The grant from East Brighton Trust covered the costs of delivering workshops to help children create ‘Letters to the Earth’ – their own poetic and powerful messages to the planet. During the workshops the participants were also encouraged to bring their writing to life with visual artwork and illustrations. The letters have been beautifully printed and illustrated by the children onto banners  thanks to the artists at East Side Print and the finished pieces will now be exhibited in community venues and local spaces, starting with this year’s Brighton Festival.

    The contributions from East Brighton children are joining Letters to the Earth written across the globe, from indigenous community activists to famous artists, giving the public the chance to read what these young writers from Whitehawk and Moulsecoomb have to say about the climate and nature emergency.

    As Little Green Pig summarised so beautifully in their application to us “These are letters written about their fears, hopes, frustrations and love for the earth and the dangers of climate change. It will allow them to feel part of something bigger and know they can make a difference via their own writing, imagination and literacy skills. It will be an opportunity for them to learn about the power their writing and words can have, giving them a voice, and increasing their confidence, communication skills and hope for the future.”

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (1)1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (11) 1024


    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (3) 1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (4) 1024Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (6) 1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (7) 1024

    Little Green Pig Letters to the Earth (8) 1024

  3. Creating a mend, make and share community in Whitehawk

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    This August, the very first clothes swap was hosted by Our Slow Salon at St. Cuthman’s Church in Whitehawk.

    The event was designed to help local families to swap the clothes they no longer wore, with community volunteers on hand to help with alterations if required. Our Slow Salon also put on cookery workshops throughout the day plus free food including a popcorn machine!

    The aim was to use food, fashion and creativity to bring people together to promote a sustainable and zero-waste ethos.

    East Brighton Trust funded the event through our small grants scheme with an award of £500.

    Organiser Charlotte Hastings told us “St. Cuthman’s is a bright, welcoming space, where we could have creative tables for kids and parents, repair and updating and making tables for the clothes brought in and of course make lots of delicious food to keep us going!”

    People attending the event had some really nice things to say too:

    • “Had a really wonderful time today, swapped quite a few tops and ate some lovely food”
    • “Thank you for organising this event, it’s much needed and very helpful to people who don’t have much money. The food was amazing and I got my jeans fixed and some new clothes.”
    • “Great way to meet new people and great to swap clothes we grew out of for new things to fit into.”
    • “Fabulous event! Huge success, great atmosphere, delicious food. Warm community atmosphere enjoyed by all.”

    Charlotte wrote to thank us for the donation, saying “Our Slow Salon - ‘creating a mend, make and share community’ - has been lifted into action in Whitehawk by East Brighton Trust - now we can’t wait to put on more events bringing the community together for a creative, active, sustainable future.”

    We can’t wait either and hope to see this fantastic initiative evolve and grow to reach more families across Whitehawk.

    Slow Salon (1) Slow Salon (3)

  4. Summer 2021 Small Grants

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    We're thrilled to announce that in our Summer 2021 round, all eligible small grants were awarded. The groups that have received funding from us are: 

    • 1st Brighton Brownies
    • 1st Brighton Guides
    • Brighton & Hove Food Partnership
    • Brighton and Hove Speak Out
    • Brighton Peace and Environment Centre
    • City Gate Community Projects (Fareshare Project)
    • East Brighton Food Co-operative
    • Flock Theatre Makers
    • Fresh Start Community Association
    • Friday Friends Community Group
    • Friends of Maggie's Corner
    • Kemp Town Gardening and Community Group
    • Kidz Klub Brighton & Hove (registered charity since 2008)
    • Making Our Mark!
    • Manor Boccia Group
    • mASCot
    • Moulsecoomb Skatepark Group
    • Our Slow Salon
    • Pelican Parcels
    • Resource Centre
    • SEDS Sussex Ehlers-Danlos syndromes and hypermobility support group
    • Spark
    • Sunflower Group
    • The Manor Gym CIC
    • The View FC
    • Whitehawk Football Club
    • Whitehawk United FC

    Please note: our partners at Sussex Community Foundation are still awaiting information from some of the above groups to enable the funds to be transferred. They have done their best to contact the groups but have not been able to reach everyone. If you are on the above list and have not received your funds yet please contact Peter Jones at Sussex Community Foundation on 01273 409440.