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International volunteers help out at Moulsecoomb School

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Concordia International Volunteers is a charity which offers affordable volunteering opportunities worldwide to young people, with the admirable mission of “Fostering cross-cultural understanding and friendship by providing young people with quality opportunities for international volunteering, work experience, education and training”.

Last year, Concordia received an East Brighton Trust grant to fund a 2 week residential project making improvements to Moulsecoomb School. 

Concordia's Francesca elaborates:

"We have been working with Moulsecoomb School for around 5 years now providing international volunteers to help at the school and also Moulsecoomb Forest Garden. Volunteers have helped to improve the school grounds, help out in the classrooms and spend two days a week with the local community at the forest garden. This is really important for the school as it gives an international flavour for two weeks and allows the children to meet other people from around the world and learn about different cultures which is really encouraged. Especially as many of the children may never have been abroad etc.

We placed 10 international volunteers this year from Russia, Korea, Canada, Germany, Spain, Vietnam, Poland and Italy. The East Brighton Trust grant helps to support the volunteers and covers the cost of the volunteers food while they are on the project. The school really enjoy having the group around and broadening the horizons of young people and the local community and without the grant the volunteers would not be able to spend time at the school."

From the look of these photos, it looks like the volunteers had a fantastic time!

concordia volunteers east brighton 1

concordia volunteers east brighton 2

concordia volunteers east brighton 3

concordia volunteers east brighton 4