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Just a brilliant day! - A bushcraft day out

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We recently awarded a grant to the ABC fund to take 25 children and carers from Whitehawk on a bushcraft day out in Laughton Woods.

The ABC fund are a registered children’s charity based in Sussex who, since 1991, have been raising money in order to fund trips and treats for disadvantaged children and their families. Their objective is to relieve poverty, hardship and distress among children, young people and their families or carers, particularly those with disabilities or special needs. You can find out more about their work on the ABC fund facebook page.

Trustee and founder Anne Bickmore got in touch to tell us about the day and sent us a few snaps to show us what they got up to…

"We had a great day out thanks to East Brighton Trust  who sponsored the Whitehawk After School Project (WASP) woodland day out. A coach brought the children and their carers to Vert Wood, Whitesmith, nr. Lewes. We were greeted by Gary from Wild Adventure and then had a mile walk to the campsite as the coach couldn't negotiate the path.

So we arrived in the deep dark wood and were greeted by Robert Fallon, owner of the business. We introduced ourselves and then played a game of bats and moths surrounded by a circle of "trees". The bats were blindfolded and had to call out "bat" whilst the moths had to shout back "moth" and try and avoid the bats. The rest of the group were the trees shouting "trees" preventing bats and moths from escaping.
The party was then split into three groups. They were taught how to light a fire without matches, how to build a shelter and how to look around the woodland floor to see what they could find to make a clay model using sticks and seeds for decoration.
The day ended sitting in a circle once more saying goodbye and telling everyone which was the best bit. Just a brilliant day. Our thanks to Wild Adventure, East Brighton Trust and Ace Travel". 

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