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Being crafty on International Women's Day

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To celebrate International Women's Day on Sunday March 8th this year, The Green Centre and Be Crafty did what they do best: using unwanted materials and their craft skills to help others.

Powered by plenty of tea and biscuits, a group of volunteers spent the day making cloth sanitary towels for women in Kenya. Currently, many young women use chicken feathers or mud as a form of sanitary protection which often leads to infection and long term illness and then weeks and months away from school. The crafters used a collection of donated materials including lightweight fleece such as that used in baby blankets, cotton thread, press studs and plastic poppers to make packs of washable cotton pads. Here are a few images of what they got up to on the day and you’ll find plenty more photos on their facebook page.


Well done all of you!   

green centre womens day 2

green centre womens day 3

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