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City Academy Community Day

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community day 1

On 26th March, City Academy Whitehawk held a community gardening day which we helped fund through our small grants programme.

community day 2

They got lots of gardening done thanks to Stefan from Brighton Permaculture Trust who helped design and direct the work. Community Schools Worker Suzy King got in touch to tell us more about how the day went, here’s what she said:

We had a great day with lots of work done to our school garden. 

We also had a free BBQ for workers

Found newts and slow worms!

Went pond-dipping with Katie from Sussex Wildlife Trust

Active for Life set up an obstacle course and challenges

And were part of our Easter Egg challenge!

Winners all got a chocolate egg from our Shed Café, run by parent Nicky Heritage  – we had 60 winners!!  

We learnt how to light fires and make wooden necklaces with Robert & Katie from Project Grow

Volunteer diggers and helpers got a free lunch, BBQ’ued for us by Super Dads

Christine from Be Crafty came to do some outdoor crafts

And we had cakes made by parents

Altogether a great day was had by one and all!

community day 3