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A visit to The Resource Centre

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East Brighton Trust director Sean Older recently visited The Resource Centre in the course of his work with family lunch club CHOMP Moulsecoomb. East Brighton Trust provides The Resource Centre with £3000 of funding every year specifically to support groups in the East Brighton area.   

Sean wrote up in his visit to let others know what to expect if they haven't been to The Resource Centre before. We hope you enjoy reading about his experience, and if you're interested in getting some help from The Resource Centre, click here.  

"I went down to the Resource Centre, after making a booking with Kate, with my Chomp Moulsecoomb hat on. Kate started off with a warm greeting, gave me a tour of their various printing abilities, equipment hiring facilities, a general sense of the support that they can give community groups and individuals and quickly followed it up with an offer of some fresh coffee (she knows how to impress!). We then proceeded into a one-to-one around Chomp Moulsecoomb. Kate is VERY experienced and was useful to bounce some ideas off around governance and the books. There were, however, complications in this though; mainly due to the account of Chomp Moulsecoomb being hosted by Good News Brighton (a church and charity) - Resource Centre is A-political, A-religious etc. and so the support they could offer would be strictly to support Chomp Moulsecoomb. This said, Kate offered to look through Chomp Moulsecoomb’s accounts, policies (sending numerous links) and help to offer some advice/training on them, if that was necessary. We, Chomp Moulsecoomb, also asked for support with our DBS (safeguarding) checks, and especially on the possibility of doing these checks internally. Kate, usefully, referred us to the SafetyNet drop-in and this is an ongoing line of enquiry. Kate also offered to help us with low-cost flyer printing, suggesting that this is likely to be competitive with any local printing businesses (and it would be supporting local community projects too!). Kate was also able to offer some written advice (located on their website) around legal structures for community groups, very useful.
Points of Interest:
- Those that register with the Resource Centre can get 10% off of printing costs AND equipment hire.
- The Resource Centre is a bank of wisdom to glean from!
- SafetyNey run regular drop-ins (bookings available) to talk through safeguarding issues OR DBS updates
- Resource Centre would be a GREAT FIRST PORT OF CALL for information - I’d encourage us to send EBT groups to them for help!" Sean