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Celebrating Community with Moulsecoomb Community Market

At East Brighton Trust, we’re proud to support Moulsecoomb Community Market by providing regular grant money to assist with the everyday running costs of this wonderful organisation.

Established by Kate Knight and Jane Hunter in September 2020, driven by the needs of the pandemic, Moulsecoomb Community Market has become a key resource for the people of Moulsecoomb and now has over 120 members.

Moulsecoomb Community Market is a very different concept to a food bank. At its inception, Kate was determined that the market would not feel like charity. Having worked at a food bank before, she was aware of the shame that many people feel at needing to use a service that provides free, or low-cost food.

The Moulsecoomb Community Market model is proudly different. The first social supermarket in Brighton, dignity, and choice is maintained for the local people that use it, by allowing them to pay a small fee and shop for their food, just as you would in a supermarket.

Food is not just about surviving, it’s about thriving and having ownership over the food that you are providing for your family cannot be underestimated.

Kate is rightly proud that Moulsecoomb Community Market is always a warm, welcoming, and positive place for the community to come to. She reflects on the pride that the people of Moulscoomb have for the place that they live, and how her army of volunteers are all from Moulsecoomb themselves. This is an organisation created for and run by Mouslecoomb.

At Christmas time, thanks in part to funding from East Brighton Trust, Kate and her team can offer meat at the market. It’s rare for food banks to be able to provide meat due to its high cost, so the fact that Moulsecoomb Community Market can offer fresh chicken and halal chicken to its families is significant. Many families have come to rely on the meat provided at Christmas time, so its a pleasure for all of us at East Brighton Trust to be able to support Kate with this.

“Not only are East Brighton Trust very close geographically to Moulsecoomb Community Market, but they are also close in every other way too. They’re more than a neighbour to us.”
Kate Knight, founder Moulsecoomb Community Market

For more information about Moulsecoomb Community Market, visit their website.