East Brighton Trust Statement on Covid-19 - March 2020

In recognition that the current Covid-19 outbreak may be causing uncertainty and concern to the groups we work with, we would like to provide a message of support and reassurance. We’d like to do whatever we can to ensure that you can continue your work and to support your community through the challenge of Covid-19.

We will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation and follow the latest advice from the government. We will update our website and social media if anything changes. The current government advice can be found here.

Our current information on grants is in line with the Sussex Community Foundation general Covid-19 guidance.  

Small Grants applications

We and our colleagues at Sussex Community Foundation have been responding to local needs as community groups work hard to adjust their services to the coronavirus lock down and, at the same time, continue to meet the needs of the people they support.

The importance of providing access to quick emergency funding was considered the greatest priority during this time. As a result, we have decided for this year, in line with Sussex Community Foundation, to reduce the number of our normal grant-making rounds in 2020 from three to two. The next deadline for applications is now Friday 11th September and from this round you can now apply for a small grant of up to £1,000. Apply online here →

Delays to project delivery

We appreciate that many of the organisations we support may have difficulty in delivering services, projects and events. Don’t worry if you need to delay the activity we have funded. We are happy for you to keep the funds we have given you, until you are able to deliver the activity you applied for.

Changes to funded activities

If there are any changes you may need to make to your application, or if you have any issues with the delivery of an existing grant – please don’t worry, we are able to offer flexibility on timescales and/or moving your grant award to other, more pressing needs, if that is required. Please let our colleagues at Sussex Community Foundation know by email at [email protected] if this is likely to be the case and we can respond accordingly.

Projects to support those affected

Please let us know if you are planning immediate projects to support people affected by coronavirus or if the current situation is affecting your charity. Please consider coming to us for support through our Colin Sayers Random Acts of Kindness fund which offers emergency grants to projects in immediate need.

Our partners at Sussex Community Foundation have also asked us to highlight their Sussex Crisis Fund which provides simple and quick access to funding for emergency and unexpected needs.  Please visit their website for more information and how to apply →