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East Brighton Trust Round Table

On 12th May 2023, the inaugural ‘Roundtable’ session took place at BACA, hosted by Jack Davis, Principal and Ty Goddard, Director, East Brighton Trust.

Roundtable and action planning events are set to become regular fixtures in the East Brighton Trust calendar. Chaired by East Brighton Trust, their purpose is to bring together relevant people and organisations around a particular topic, to facilitate change and support people living in the East Brighton area.

For this first event, the topic was ‘Summer ‘23’, and Ty and Jack were joined by associates from local organisations. including Jane Fendley, Head at St Marks School, Kirsten Abingdon, Longhill School, Adam Muirhead from Trust for Developing Communities, and Nigel Jenner, Brighton Youth Centre.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss, plan for and share ideas on how to deliver a rich and diverse summer of physical and creative activities for children and young people living in the East Brighton area. A comprehensive guide, produced by the Trust and partners, will follow to be shared with schools, clubs, and families within the local community.

Ty Goddard, EBT Director says: “ This is an important step for the Trust. We fund groups across East Brighton and we want to see that funding and the work of other organisations being focussed on what communities and young people actually need over the Summer. The Summer Guide is about people working for the good of residents, in a coordinated way and avoiding duplication.”

Do you work for or run a club or organisation within the East Brighton area and would like to contribute to the Summer ‘23 programme? Please get in touch with Gill gillkennedy@eastbrightontrust.co.uk and Jodie Jbovington@baca-uk.co.uk for more information.