39 Manor Hill Consultation now closed - we look forward to sharing the results with you soon.

East Brighton Trust is planning to develop the site we own at 39 Manor Hill.

The property is made up of one residential first floor flat and the ground floor has been let to a number of different local community groups over the years. 

After much thought on how the building could be best used, we have narrowed it down to two options.

We are working with The Trust for Developing Communities to understand what would be of most benefit to local people and groups.

Please fill in our survey and make sure your opinion is heard. 

The options for development are to provide:

Option 1

  •  5 x affordable 1-bedroom flats.

    ·      A specific portion of the rental incomes from these would be ring-fenced each year to be invested through grants into already existing community spaces nearby.

    ·      This new local grant scheme would be in addition to East Brighton Trust’s existing grants schemes.

Option 2

  • 4 x affordable 1-bedroom flats.

    ·      And on the ground floor there would be a space for a local community group or charity to hire/ rent.

    ·      The space would measure approximately 50m².

    This would be let for a quiet use so as not to disturb the residents upstairs and the immediate neighbours.



Some artists' impressions of how the property might look →