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Grant programmes

The documents below provide all the information you need to assess if your organisation is eligible to apply for a grant as well as providing an application form.   

Small Grants Programme  
To complete the Small Grant Form click here
Download the full application criteria for Small Grants click here

Impact Grants Programme  

Download an Impact Grant Form and Criteria click here

Partnership Grants Programme 

Download a Partnership Grant form and Criteria Click here

Other Publications and Information  

Since 2008 East Brighton Trust has awarded a significant number of grants, through our Small Grants Programme (the links below show all grant recipients).   
Grants awarded in 2008 (this was our first grant round) 

Grants awarded in March 2009  

Grants awarded in July 2009 

Grants awarded in March 2010

Grants awarded in July 2010

East Brighton Trust Updates and Statements 

Update Report - May 2010 click here